Summer is coming! Protect your Pool from Plumbing Leaks with ePIPE

ePIPE Restores Beachfront Hotel Pool, Providing a Leak-Free System in Time for Peak Pool Season Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach sits along the coast of Southern California, near the Redondo Beach Pier and Marina.  The hotel pool is a popular spot for Weddings and other events with its stunning coastal view. The Problem: The pipes feeding

Schools with Lead Tainted Water get Passing Grade with ePIPE® LeadSmart® Certification

This past year, officials across the country have been testing for lead in school’s drinking water systems. Many schools continue to fail the EPA requirement for lead leaching. Lead leaching into the drinking water is not limited to lead pipes. Lead contributors, such as leaded solder in copper piping systems used until 1986 as well

ePIPE Team Awarded US Patent for Cleaning and Sealing Pipes “In-Place”, Providing Protection against Leaks and Reduction of Lead Leaching

Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC, (PRT) makers of the ePIPE, Lead Free-Leak Free, LeadSmart product lines, announced today that it has been granted its 17th US patent, #9555453 related to its ePIPE System of” in-place” pipe restoration against leaks, harmful lead leaching and lead service lines.   “ePIPE® is providing superior solutions in response to real

ePIPE® LeadSmart® Technology Solving Ireland’s Lead Water Crisis

Pipe Restoration Services’, ePIPE Team have been engaged with Irish Water and Dublin City Housing on trial projects in Ireland to demonstrate the effectiveness of lining service pipes using the patented ePIPE solution. ePIPE is an in-place lining process that provides a barrier coating to the inside of lead service lines. The process reduces lead

Yorkshire Water highlight for ePIPE

Yorkshire Water invited the PRS team to an innovation event in Bradford to showcase the benefits of ePIPE ‘no dig’ technology to reduce lead and leakage. PRS was also in Bradford recently to help tackle leakage issues at a multi-unit social housing project. The problems went back many years and were caused by corrosion of copper