Innovative Technology

ePIPE technology is proven to save time and minimise cost

The customer is at the heart of the ePIPE process. Not only is the process quick and efficient, preventing the cost and disruption associated with pipe replacement, it can also be applied to the full length of a service pipe from the water main in the street to the customer’s tap.

Not only does it provide a better outcome for the customer, it also provides a better customer experience. The process is quick, efficient and customer friendy.

How it works…

  • Isolate and drain the service pipework
  • Clean the service pipe internal walls
  • Warm the service pipe to dry and optimise application
  • Apply the ePIPE resin with blown-in-place technology
  • Cure with warm air
  • Cure with hot water
  • Inspect, test, flush and recommission


The resin is blown along the inside surface of the pipework. With no mechanical devices inserted into the pipe, the resin simply follows the air stream.

Complex configurations of pipework containing restrictions, bends and tees can be lined from convenient positions. Special adaptors at the boundary box or internal stop tap also prevents the need for additional excavations or internal plumbing.

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