Compliance and Public Health

Public health is at risk

Lead is a cumulative poison that affects the nervous system. Children are particularly vulnerable as it affects both their physical and intellectual development.

Lead services pipes are the main contributor of dissolved lead in drinking water and frequently, the majority of these pipes are owned by the customer. In the UK up to 40% of properties are supplied using a lead pipe.

New standards in the battle against lead in water

From 2013, lead in drinking water must be reduced to meet World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines (from 25ug/l to 10ug/l). With ePIPE, it doesn’t just meet the standard after application but significantly and consistently achieves very low levels or near zeros.

Is enough being done?

In some areas the new standard is at risk of being met with inactivity, and the belief that best endeavours are already being made. This means that the public are still at risk from lead contamination.

No time wasted, No hassle, No massive costs …with ePIPE service pipe restoration technology

Pipe Restoration Services has been established to deliver service pipe lining using ePIPE technology to the UK as a specifically developed,cost effective and sustainable solution to dissolved lead and leakage challenges.

The ePIPE technology was originally developed to inhibit and prevent small diameter pipework leakage. It provides an internationally proven, cost effective alternative to repairing or replacing customer-side or communication service pipe. Why replace, when you can reline an entire service from the main to the tap at a fraction of the time.

The ePIPE process takes only 2 hours to cure, meaning that you can resume to normal service quickly and with little disruption.

Our vision is to be the UK’s leading pipe restoration provider, delivering a cost effective, consistent quality service to our clients and achieving the highest level of compliance in the sector. In simple terms, this means ‘delivering what we promise’.

Working with you to go beyond lead compliance

Lead service pipes are acknowledged as the main contributor of dissolved lead in drinking water at the tap. The majority of the length of these service pipes can often be on the customer’s side and therefore true sustainable improvement needs a holistic approach – ePIPE technology allows this to be possible.

What's the biggest threat to your small
diameter piping network?

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