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Disclosure of Lead (Pb) in Drinking Water is Trending in California

Sellers and Realtors agree – Test your property for lead as part of the selling process


Water quality issues have raised public awareness about the quality, safety and potential liability involving lead in a buildings piping system.

Concerned? You ought to be. Properties built before 1986 likely have plumbing systems that include “lead contributors” such as lead piping, copper pipes with lead solder and brass fixtures. These “contributors” can potentially cause lead to leach into the drinking water in those homes at levels that exceed current EPA guidelines.

A seller or lessor could potentially have an obligation to disclose lead or copper in the dwelling’s water supply. Failure to do so could leave them potentially liable for rescission and damages. Click here to read about potential liability.

LeadSmart® – Trending in California

Realtors, sellers and landlords are getting on board with LeadSmart. The LeadSmart program includes onsite water testing services for lead, a remediation action plan and the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance. This assures sellers and buyers that the property is in compliance with EPA guidelines for lead leaching.

Lead disclosure in pipes and in water in a real estate transaction may not be mandatory (yet). Many homeowners, commercial building owners and realtors now realize that it is only a matter of time, and are being proactive in having their water tested and properties LeadSmart certified.

Southern California homeowner, Joel Cooper understood the dangers of potential lead exposure from drinking water and the possible risks from non-disclosure of hazardous materials in real estate transactions. He was proactive in having his home LeadSmart Certified before listing it.

Joel stated, “Having the LeadSmart Certification on my home ensures that I am protecting both myself and potential buyers. Knowing that my drinking water complies with EPA standards gives me peace of mind in knowing that I am selling a Healthy Home.”

Orange County, California realtor Maria Inez Fraser and her seller recognized the benefits of the LeadSmart program. They also had their property LeadSmart certified.


About LeadSmart

LeadSmart is an on-site lead testing and lead remediation service, leading to a property being LeadSmart Certified. LeadSmart Certified Testers are located in Southern California, Texas, Florida, and the Washington, D.C. Metro areas.  LeadSmart is a division of A CE DuraFlo / ePIPE.  For more information contact us at or call 888.775.0220

Virginia SteversonDisclosure of Lead (Pb) in Drinking Water is Trending in California