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ePIPE® Team Awarded US PATENT – Bringing Lead Leaching from Lead Service Lines into Compliance

Las Vegas, NV – June 20, 2017

Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC, (PRT) makers of the ePIPE®, Lead-Free, Leak-Free™ and LeadSmart® product lines, announced that it has been granted U.S. patent #9611973, titled “Process for Coating the Interior Surfaces of Water Service Lines.” This patent is related to the ePIPE system of in-place pipe restoration which provides protection against harmful lead and copper leaching.

“ePIPE is providing superior solutions in response to the real-time issue of reducing the leaching of toxic metals like lead and copper from water service lines into drinking water,” Pipe Restoration Technologies CEO Larry Gillanders said. “ePIPE applicators save their customers time and money with ePIPE’s fast installation. Customers also enjoy the benefits of minimal down time. Protecting lead service lines (LSLs) can be completed under four hours per line and often with no excavation on the home owner’s property.”

Pipes protected with ePIPE reduce the leaching of toxic lead and copper into drinking water to well below U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) cut-off levels. Pipes from as small as 1/2” in diameter can be protected in-place using the patented ePIPE system and materials.

ePIPE is approved to US NSF Std. 61 and UK’s DWI Reg 31 (4)(a) with a 2-hour return to service.

ePIPE’s epoxy coating is one of the fastest NSF Std. 61 and DWI Reg 31 approved return-to-service epoxy lining products in the world. ePIPE is engineered and patented for protecting drinking water pipes from leaks and bringing lead leaching into compliance to the stringent WHO’s cut off level of 10 ppb (μg/l).


About ePIPE®, LeadSmart® 

The patented ePIPE process involves restoring pipes in-place, with an application of an epoxy barrier coating resulting in a restored epoxy lined piping system. The process provides a solution for slab leaks, pinhole leaks, and the reduction of lead leaching from lead pipes and lead contributors. LeadSmart is an on-site lead testing and lead remediation service, leading to a property being LeadSmart Certified. Service providers are located in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, UK and Europe.  ePIPE products are sold under the brand names PurPipe®, NuPipe® and ePIPE®.  For more information contact ACE DuraFlo® Systems at

Virginia SteversonePIPE® Team Awarded US PATENT – Bringing Lead Leaching from Lead Service Lines into Compliance